Why Hire The Roller Team?

Selling a home is one of your most important financial decisions. You want to make the right choice - an informed decision.

Using Listingbook and with the assistance of best selling agents in Naples and Marco Island - The Roller Team - gives you the advantage of selling your home at the right price and in the shortest time. We will provide you with the best service possible and tips on selling your Naples home faster. Don't you deserve it?

A well informed Seller is a happy Seller!

Keep In Touch
Listingbook is a personalized web experience designed to make selling your home experience more efficient. Combining an agent's knowledge and expertise with leading edge technology, Listingbook is your 24/7 window into selling your property using targeted marketing.

"I was well informed by the Roller Team via Listingbook anytime, anywhere, which made selling my home easier."

Do you want to know which homes are selling? Obtain detailed information about recently sold properties in a specific area.

An Informed Decision: Want more details on any home that interests you? Research any listing on the market and have access to all the details on the property, including days on market, price history, tax data, multiple images, maps, and more.

Morning Reports: You'll receive a daily report from your agent on your property's activity, as well as listings of new interest and notifications of new messages.

Communicate instantly with the Roller Team through integrated messaging and Property Notes. No need to attach anything to an e-mail - Add notes to a listing, and the Roller Team will be notified of your comments automatically.

"Outstanding customer service - it's what I've been waiting for!"

Maximum Exposure by Showcasing your Home!

Exposure is Everything
With the "Featured Listings" targeted marketing service; Listingbook ensures your property receives an unprecedented level of exposure to real buyers.

Your home receives the special attention that makes it standout from the rest.

"The Roller Team got my home noticed and it sold fast."

The Competitive Edge
Targeted marketing differentiates your property from your competition. Using targeted marketing, your property is brought to the attention of just the right buyers and their agents.

"My home was not overlooked."

Numbers Provide the Answers
With the increased exposure of your property, targeted marketing promotions help to result in more activity, showings, and ultimately the sale of your listed property. Our comprehensive marketing package will introduce your home to thousands of potential home buyers. After the promotion, you will receive a comprehensive report which shows the promotion results, gives comparisons, and graphs the current competitive market. Based on these results, If needed, we can adjust our marketing strategy.

The Ultimate "Open House"!

Targeting Gets Results
Effective "Open House" marketing targets to real buyers and gets results. By using the Buyer Links targeted service; Listingbook ensures the best prospects and their agents are linked to your home. It targets real buyers with criteria matching your home; Not just lookers out for a Sunday drive.

"My open house was a great success and it resulted in the sale of my home!"

High Level Marketing
Your "Open House" will receive the highest level of targeted marketing available in the market today! Your "Open House" promotion starts early in the week, an "Open House" invitation is sent on Thursday, and the "Open House" event is promoted right up until the day of the "Open House".

"The Roller Team achieved our goal… We sold our home quickly!

Achieving Your Goal
The Roller Team and Listingbook helps to achieve your goal by selling your home at the best price in the shortest amount of time, Period!

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