Motivation for selling

Know Why You Are Selling Your Property, and Commit to the Process! Have a clear reason for selling your property. You may not want to share you motivations completely with anyone, but it will help you when setting your asking price, and negotiating offers and contingencies. In any market some homes that are listed for sale just don't sell. These expired listings as they are called in the trade can be numerous. Why? The reason is often simple the seller didn't have a clear reason for selling and therefore didn't commit to the process. Often times these owners hire the best selling agents in Marco Island and offer their property for sale to "test the market" to see if they can get an unrealistic price. Unfortunately this usually backfires into a downward spiral. When I need to sell my Marco Island house I would want to avoid this situation. As a property remains on the market for a long period of time, a stigma can occur in the mind of a potential buyer. Buyers wonder what is wrong with that house or condo. Why has it been on the market so long? Each market and property type is different with respect to the average length of time a listing remains on the market before closing. If you are serious about selling, go about it the right way first.

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Tips for selling your Marco Island home or your Marco Island Condo

15 Tips to Sell your Marco Island Home

The current economic crisis has lead to a sharp downturn in home sales figures. Because foreclosures are rising and markets are failing, it is a very competitive time to sell your home. Still, selling your Marco Island home can be a very exciting time in your life as it is obviously associated with new beginnings. As such, you want to improve your odds for selling your home as much as possible and to do this you must make a good first impression on your potential buyers. The following are some tips that will allow you to make that good impression and not only help you sell your home quickly but will also increase its market value.

  1. De-clutter:Clutter in the rooms of your home make the rooms seem smaller and distract potential buyers. In addition, clutter in your yard is unattractive and will discourage home buyers.
  2. Simple decoration is bestWherever possible, it's best to keep your decor simple. Basic furniture with matching accents allows home owners to visualize their own furniture and personal style.
  3. First impressions last:The first time potential buyers visit your home they will likely have made a decision already. Keep the lawn well manicured and trim hedges and shrubs.
  4. Pay attention to details:Because you've lived in your home for a while, you may not notice the small problems that buyers are looking for. Be as critical as possible of your own home so that buyers can't find anything to dislike about your home. Clean the walls, floors, and carpets so your house has a "never-lived-in" feel.
  5. Renovations are a great investment:Although it's not necessary to renovate your home, it can be a great investment that drastically increases the value of your home. Home buyers usually focus special attention on kitchens and bathrooms so even minor renovations can have a huge impact.
  6. New paint is refreshing:Painting is inexpensive but can have the biggest impact. Paint with fresh natural tones so that buyers can imagine how they would like to decorate. Bright, tacky colors are distracting.
  7. No problem is too minor:Even the smallest issues would be noticed by potential buyers. Fix dripping faucets, faulty fixtures loose cupboards and broken drawers.
  8. Tidy up your garage:Again, buyers will be looking at every detail so you should clean out your garage. Garage can be an important selling feature so if you can empty out unnecessary junk you can give the appearance of more room.
  9. Consider the ambiance:Ultimately, you want your house to feel as much like a home as possible. Make sure your home is inviting so that potential buyers feel comfortable immediately. Light scented candles to create an appealing smell and always ensure that your home is as well lit as possible.
  10. Cleanliness is key:You should thoroughly clean your home, especially kitchens and bathrooms. If your house sparkles, buyers will be impressed. Buyers are likely to be critical about cleanliness and it's an easy problem to avoid.
  11. Check your appliances:Obviously, appliances are usually sold with the house and buyers might be disappointed if they're not in good working order. Consider hiring a repairman if your refrigerator, dishwasher or other appliances are not working.
  12. Get into the nooks and crannies:We might not always dust our windowsills or organize our crawlspace but taking the extra time to make sure every aspect of your house is beyond reproach will go a long way to selling your home and increasing its value.
  13. It's not all about the inside:A dirty, cluttered yard with unkempt lawn and shrubbery can be a major turn off. Tend to your yard and consider your outdoor decor. If necessary, consider painting the exterior of your home or at least the trim.
  14. Make them feel at home:Small details like towels in the bathroom or pleasant music in the background can make your house feel like your buyer's home. Avoid loud, disturbing music or television sounds so that they are focused on your home and not unnecessary distractions.
  15. Space, space, and more space:Creating even the appearance of space sells homes. Store excess furniture and trinkets out of sight so that rooms look bigger. Home buyers want space in every aspect of their new home: big bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and lots of storage. Cleaning out your home can give them the space they're looking for.

Money Magazine: Best Fast Fixes to Get Your House Sold

Boost curb appeal

* Upgrade your mailbox, house numbers, doorbell, and knocker with a copper or bronze set (as little as $200 at * Edge and mulch the beds ($300 to $600 for the mulch). * Green the grass with nitrogen-rich fertilizer ($50 to $200, depending on lawn size).

Update a bathroom

* Replace a tired-looking faucet with a more stylish one ($300 to $900, installed). * Re grout old tile floors that have blackened grout ($200 to $600). * Install bead board wainscoting over dated tile walls ($800 to $1,000).

Spruce up the interior

* Paint: It completely transforms a space ($60 to $100 per room, DIY). * Replace boring light fixtures with statement pieces (as little as $300 for a chandelier at * Install new switch and outlet covers (50 each for plastic, $5 to $10 for metal).

Revive a dated kitchen

* Paint dark oak cabinets white ($100 to $200 for supplies, DIY). * Replace old cabinet knobs and pulls with stylish brushed nickel ones ($50 to $200). * Have stone tile installed right over existing Formica counter tops ($500 to $1,000). Past customers recommend us as their "Best realtor to sell my Marco Island house"

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