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Your property will be featured on a number of different websites, and will even have its own YouTube video, making it possible for potential clients to do a walk-through of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in different countries. Hot buyers will already have seen and fallen in love with your property, before they come down to view it in person.


  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Networking
  • Active calling
  • Flyers
  • Just Listed bulletins
  • Special Events
  • Office and Board Property Tours
  • Daily Open Houses
  • Industry Contacts
  • Seminars: First Time Home buyers and International Investors
  • Tri-lingual Sales Team
  • Past president of major international corporations in Europe, Asia and The United States
  • Professional Sales and Negotiation Training

Internet marketing

According to the 2007 Survey done by the National Association of Realtors, 84% of buyers are using the internet to search for homes. Internet marketing is becoming more and more important, as it gives potential buyers the option to preview your home 24 hours a day from the comfort of their own home. Having a great virtual tour is a huge plus. A lot of colorful, high resolution pictures will help showcase your home and solidify it as the best choice in your buyers' minds. In addition to a great virtual tour, we offer a cutting edge YouTube video, in which buyers can physically walk through your home and experience the traffic pattern, layout, colors, and features from miles away. Your property will be featured on over 30 different websites, including, which alone receives over 4 million visitors a day. Click any of the links to the right to view our example listing on most of the different websites your property will be found on.

Email campaigns

Your property will be featured in different email campaigns, including a "Just Listed" campaign, "Featured Property" campaign, and "Great Deals" campaign, to name a few. These email campaigns are sent to targeted buyers in our database who are looking for properties just like yours! Your property will be included with a picture and link to your personalized website, which will be custom built as a page on

Social Networking

Our team is involved with a number or different Social networking sites. The National Association of Realtors found that around 30% of home buyers are involved with social networking regularly. All of our friends and acquaintances will receive bulletins about your property once it is listed, and any time there is an open house or other event! />

Active Calling

Once you list with us we will not just sit back and wait for your home to sell itself. We will call actively to find potential buyers for your property. On average we make 250 calls per week to potential buyers! This is one of the big differences between The Roller Team and regular agents.


We will create a customized flyer designed to stand out especially for your property, using our state of the art design programs! Our flyers are prominently displayed, are handed out in a variety of different locations in Naples and Marco Island, and are sure to catch the eyes of potential buyers. Your property information and our phone number are displayed, making it easy and convenient for interested buyers to schedule a showing for your property.

Just listed bulletins

Our "Just Listed" bulletins go out over both the Naples and Marco Island Multiple Listing Service, our inter-office service, our databases, and all of our social networking sites and websites. The news of your property being listed is sure to make a big impact, and all realtors looking for properties similar to yours will receive a direct link, making it easy for them to pick your property to show to their customers. Our bulletins reach over 3000 realtors between the Naples and Marco Island boards!

Office and Board Tours

Both our office and the Marco Island Board of Realtors feature special property tours, in which we will present your property to the top selling agents in the area both verbally, as well as physically. These agents will have seen your home and will have it in the back of their minds as a great property to tell their potential buyers about.

Daily Open Houses

Our team holds frequent Open Houses in different locations. We always have a package of our featured listings, so that we can show interested buyers your property first. These Open Houses allow us to meet buyers directly and tell them about everything your property has to offer. We will also hold publicized Open Houses at your property with your permission in order to showcase it to potential buyers driving through the area.

Your Property will be featured on, the number 1 property search website sponsored by the National Association of Realtors. This site gets over 4 million visitors a day nationally. Your property will be featured including pictures and a great description that will make buyers intent on seeing your property the next time they are in Naples or Marco Island.

Industry Contacts

The Roller Team has always been involved with the local Board associations, which means that you will benefit from the 14 years personal relationships we have been fostering with other Real Estate professionals. We often exchange property information with other agents looking for properties just like yours. Walter is a custom home builder on the Island, giving him contacts in the construction industry that he is able to share your property with. Our contacts are a great help for sellers, since we can offer repairs or quotes for repairs that will help you get the best deal for your home.

Tri-Lingual Sales Team

When working with us you will be represented by a Tri-Lingual sales team fluent in English, German, and Spanish. This will allow us to present your property to a wide range of domestic and foreign buyers interested in your property. Our ability to speak their language will make them feel at ease, and we will be able to effectively communicate the benefits your home has to offer over the competition.

Professional Selling Skills and Negotiation Training

Our Professional Selling Skills make sure you are getting the best representation possible in a negotiation. You can rest assured that no deal will be left on the table, and that all options will be presented when negotiating the sale of your home. Your real estate experts at The Roller Team will work hard that you are getting top dollar for your home.

For more information on our marketing, or how we can help with your Naples and Marco Island Homes for Sale,call 239-289-3823 or text your questions and we will talk to you about how to get top dollar for your property. Don't hire an average agent to represent you when selling your home. Hire the technologically advanced team of professionals that will work every day to get your home sold quickly and for the most money!

"Most agents will tell you all about their web presence... The right column is our Proof that your property will be marketed on over 30 different websites, including a full video walk-through posted on our own channel on YouTube. Almost 100% of buyers looking for a property similar to yours, in the same price range, will be aware of your property, creating more demand for your home."

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